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Do you want to learn how to draw realistic-looking people? Nature? Objects? And maybe even everything you see around you? Then look no further!

This online class is perfect for those who have had minimal exposure to drawing, or even just expert doodlers who are ready to take their skills to the next level!

Through this 12-week online course, we will take you from the basics of drawing shapes, through the hills of landscapes, to the mountaintops of realistic masterpieces where you can create incredible drawings all by yourself!

Topics include:

  • The Foundations of Drawing
  • Perspective
  • Still Life
  • Landscapes
  • Graphing
  • Measuring with a Pencil

And a complete guide to conservative anatomy ...

  • Hands and Feet
  • The Head
  • Facial Features
  • Expressions
  • Children and the Elderly
  • Self-Portrait

In addition to instructional projects, students will complete a frameable piece of artwork with a subject of their choice and have the opportunity to submit sketches for our monthly online calls with live demonstrations!

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Various Art Pieces by Commissioned Artist Emilie Swanson

rose watercolor picture


Radiant Brilliance

horse graphite drawing


Equus Gloriae

polo horse oil painting



vineyard watercolor painting


Vineyard Hills

pencil drawing of couple


Two Lovers

watercolor flower painting


Spring Highlights

About The Instructor

Multiple Award Winning

Emilie Swanson

Emilie Swanson


Emilie has received numerous awards in various art competitions. She has a special love for drawing horses! Coming from a large family, she enjoys sharing her love of art with all students across the United States.


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