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Award-winning Artists
Art Teacher

Emilie Swanson

Art Instructor
Emilie has had the privilege of studying under professionals in the field of art and has completed a college-level course of art study while receiving numerous awards in local and national art competitions along the way. Emilie has a special love for drawing and painting horses. Coming from a large family, she enjoys sharing her love of art with all ages throughout the US.
Artist | Graphic designer

Ben Swanson

Artist, Graphic Designer
Ben has a Bachelor's degree from Pensacola Christian College in Visual Arts: Graphic Design. He has also had the privilege of studying under professionals in the fields of graphic design, digital art, and fine art. He completed a college-level course of art study in high school and received numerous awards in various competitions early in his career. Ben has previous experience as an after-school elementary art teacher, and has a special love for writing and illustrating children's books! You can view more of his work by visiting 2KComics.com. Coming from a large family, he enjoys sharing his love of art with all ages.

Our Story

How a little, private art school became a national online success!
With All My Art first opened in 2019 with three students around our dining room table. 
After only a few weeks into the course, we received very positive feedback from our students and their parents. They encouraged us to continue to teach and find new avenues where we could share our courses. 

By our first year anniversary, we had 30+ students ranging in age from 5 to 65, and more on a waiting list.

With such an overwhelming response we began to dream about how we could make our courses available to even more artists, not only locally, but around the entire nation and even the world! 

Right about this time, the coronavirus pandemic began to spread across the United States. Before we knew it, everything was under lockdown and people were stuck at home with nothing to do.

We took this opportunity to record our well-loved classes on video so that our students could continue to learn online. 

The results were incredible! Our students began sending in pictures of their work, which looked just as good as when they were working in person! 

The realization that we could teach online inspired us to make this course available for all artists who want to grow their skills. And now you can too!


The artwork of Ben and Emilie Swanson
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