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Emilie is an accomplished artist who has been creating artwork since she could hold a pencil in her hand. Now she would like to share her talents with you!

If you provide a picture, an outline, a story, an idea, or whatever else you're imagining, she will turn it into reality!

Your commissioned art can be done in graphite pencil, pastels, watercolors, oils, or acrylics – whichever you prefer.

Contact her today to get an estimate and make your dreams come true!

Rider Playing Polo Oil Painting




Various Art Pieces by Commissioned Artist Emilie Swanson

rose watercolor picture


Radiant Brilliance

horse graphite drawing


Equus Gloriae

polo horse oil painting



vineyard watercolor painting


Vineyard Hills

pencil drawing of couple


Two Lovers

watercolor flower painting


Spring Highlights

About The Artist

Multiple Award Winning

Emilie Swanson

Emilie Swanson


Emilie has received numerous awards in various art competitions. She has a special love for painting horses! Coming from a large family, she enjoys sharing her love of art with those in the Ocala, Florida area and across America.


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